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About treatment

Дата: 22 февраля 2017 в 21:19, Обновлено 22 марта 2017 в 13:49
Автор: Шишко Е. Р.

The main function of boarding school is medical treatment and rehabilitation of pupils without interruption of educational process. The treatment course lasts one year and provides medical services for 160 pupils, who are divided into 8 complete classes from 3rd to 9th grades. The admission of pupils is effected by the decision of medical-pedagogical commission.

The boarding school works closely with National scientific and practical centre for traumatology and orthopedics, Minsk, the leading researcher, PhD in medicine D.K.Tesakov and the leading non-staff child orthopedist-traumatologist for Grodno region L.Z. Sychevsky for providing consultation and medical services. Rooms for patients examination are provided by Children’s polyclinic № 1 of Grodno, where meetings of the medical-pedagogical commission are held.

Functional and rehabilitation treatment includes:

  • orthopedic regime compliance;
  • motional rehabilitation;
  • massage therapy;
  • therapeutic swimming;
  • physiotherapy;
  • orthopedic corset therapy.

Orthopedic regime is observed in the educational institution, and regime of relief of spine is organized. During the classes, children rest on special coaches of Kashin design, and they sleep on beds with wooden boards during day and night time. Race against time, weight-lifting, jumping and asymmetric movements are contradicted to pupils.

Motional rehabilitation is oriented to development and strengthening of muscular corset, formation of correct posture skill, produces a favorable effect on metabolic process in the body, improves trophism of tissues, improving neuromuscular and psychical equilibrium. Motional rehabilitation rooms are equipped with modern exercise machines.

Massage is an obligatory component of comprehensive treatment of scoliosis. A general body massage of muscles or muscle groups is used at the corresponding indications (for example collar zone or extremities). A general restorative massage is used at the І degree of disease, differentiated at the ІІ – ІV degree of disease (tonic massage on the convex side, and relaxing massage on the concave side).

There is a swimming pool in the boarding school. Swimming is means of all-round effect on the child’s body. Swimming considerably decreases body weight, relieves the spine, decreases asymmetric work of intervertebral muscles. All this facilitates favorable for movements decreasing pressure on growth zones of vertebral bodies. Therapeutic swimming is recommended to all children who suffer from scoliotic disease.

Active remedy in the treatment of scoliosis is electro stimulation, which allows exercise for most important muscles or muscles groups and helps to make muscular corset. Each child has a 2 weeks course twice in a school year of electro stimulation.

The necessary requirement for the efficient treatment of scoliosis and accompanying diseases is the use of physiotherapeutic procedures (electric stimulation of muscle fields, paraffin, electrophoresis, ultrasound, ultrahigh-frequency treatable, centimeter wave therapy, ultraviolet light, aerosol therapy, darsonvalization, etc.). Children with the progressive form of scoliosis or with deformation exceeding 22 degrees are prescribed a corset corrective treatment under which the child wears a special Cheneau corset for 22 hours a day.

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